Saturday, February 1, 2020

Gifts of Love

Gifts Rooted in Love
Spider Plant; Airplane Plant
spider plant

Calla lily(top)primrose (bottom)

  The season of love is upon us. Valentine's Day is approaching fast. Men and women everywhere are scrambling to find the perfect gift. So as hoards of people inundate the local flower shop or the fresh flower kiosk at the grocery store, equally as many are staring blankly at the lacy heart-shaped boxes of mystery chocolates. Stop the madness! What better time to consider visiting your local garden center? There you will find a plethora of living plants that are sure to make someone happy. You could choose to go with a simple succulent that doesn't take up much room and does not require lots of attention. Or if your loved one is more impressed by a plush garden look, you can find many, many choices among the hanging baskets and climbing plants. Keep in mind, just because it is in a hanging basket, it does not have to hang. You can remove the hanger from the basket and place it on a tall plant stand to produce a great look. Some may prefer a tropical look. You will find a variety of tropical options available from colorful and lush to minimalist.
The key to great gift-giving is knowing your recipient. Put that knowledge to use and you are sure to find the perfect gift.

succulent hawarthia

Succulents are growing in popularity. Some people are beginning to 'collect' them like some collect stamps. If your loved one is one of the many that have started their own collection, you cannot go wrong with the gift of a succulent. Or, maybe you have heard them talk about the desire to own one. Either way, these plants are so easy to take care of and some are even hardy outside. They don't take up a lot of space and some need very little light and water. It is best to gather your information on the succulent of your choice to judge if it is a good choice for your loved one.

 Hanging Baskets
Mixed hanging basket
mixed hanging basket

Hanging baskets are so versatile. You can hang them or put them on a plant stand or even sit them in an empty chair. They can easily be set into the top of an ornate urn or nice clay pot that seems too tall for anything else. Maybe you could make it a combo. Buy a nice pot and then something to add to it. There are so many varieties of plants that you will find in hanging baskets, it would be hard to name them all. So, we will just mention a few. A spider plant offers variegated foliage and produces long shoots that have smaller plants at the end. The smaller "babies" can be cut off and easily rooted in a new pot or shared with others. These are also excellent natural air purifiers.
If you want something with a little more color you could go with a variety of wandering jew. A fern is a beautiful option for someone who has an ample light source and ability to water frequently.

House plants

Chinese evergreen
   House plants of any variety can bring joy to any plant lover. It allows the recipient to bring a little nature into their house. There are so many different choices that we could never name them all. But, trending right now are pothos in all of its varieties, snake plant, ZZ plant, monstera, and Chinese evergreen because of the ease of care. I personally like the variegated varieties because it offers more dimension to the surroundings. There is a snake plant here at the office that is over 30 years old! Technically a house plant is any plant grown in the house. Some plants can be either indoor or outdoor. or some may only be inside plants during the colder months.

Trees and Shrubs

butterfly bush shrub
butterfly bush
   A gift of a plant does not have to be limited to indoor options. If you look for a tree or a shrub instead, that will be a gift that will be around for many years, maybe even generations. If you really want to give a great gift, buy a tree or a shrub and go the extra mile to plant it too! If your recipient has limited space, there are many outdoor options that do well in a pot. You can find dwarf varieties in a lot of outdoor shrubs and trees. Trees can live in a pot, but not for many, many years. As they become root-bound they will need a larger pot or they will need to be put into the ground. You can get more time out of your pot if you start with smaller specimens.
 So this Valentine's Day, walk past the chocolates, cut flowers, and stuffed animals. Visit your local nursery or garden center and give a flower or plant that will continue to remind your loved one of your generosity for a long time to come.

Give a gift that is rooted in love.

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