Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What's New ?

 Knock Out, Petite Roses.

Photo courtesy of KnockOutRoses.com 

Petite Knockout is the first-ever miniature Knock Out Rose. It offers the same flower power and easy care of traditional Knock Out Roses. However, these tiny treasures will only reach a mature height of 18" tall. They are perfect for decorative container planting or as a stand-alone in a small space. If you choose a more dramatic look they can be planted in mass along borders and edges. You cannot go wrong with these bright red non-fading blooms that  last all summer into early fall.                                                                          

Pugster Butterfly Bushes

Pugster Blue
 The Pugster line of buddleia or butterfly bushes from Proven Winners offers a small plant with a big impact. You get full-size blooms on a dwarf plant that will only reach 24" at maturity with a spread of about 36".
Pugster Pink
They offer sturdy limbs to support the large dense blooms with the same ability to bring in the butterflies from far and near.

Pugster Periwinkle

Photos courtesy of Proven Winners

And, as always, the Proven Winners' name always means quality and proven success in the test gardens.  Give your butterflies something to look forward to year after year.

Winecraft Black Smoke Bush

Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

This beautiful shrub can be used as a specimen plant in a focal area or as a hedge to satisfy even the pickiest of homeowners. 

Proven Winners have outdone themselves with this one. With a mature size of 4 to 6 ft. and the same spread it is certain not to outgrow the space. Winecraft Black offers plum-colored foliage through the summer then turns almost black before giving way to its brilliant reds and oranges for the fall. The blooms are delicate and feathery and range from purple to pink until frost. Everyone will be asking where you got this beautiful shrub and all you have to say is Proven Winners and Mitchell's Nursery. (shameless plug) The only two names you need for beauty and quality.

So why not visit your local Garden center and see what Proven Winners has to offer for your landscape.

If you happen to live in the local area of King NC, Mitchell's Nursery loves to see new or old faces! (shameless plug #2)

Now is the time to plant!

Happy Digging!

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