Monday, November 23, 2020

Poinsettia Gallery 2020

 Mitchell's Nursery & Greenhouse

Presents:   Poinsettias On Parade 2020

These represent only a small portion of the 103 varieties on display at the greenhouse right now. You are invited to stop by and have a look for yourself before they are all gone. There is still a great selection and even if you don't want to purchase a poinsettia, we promise your senses will not be disappointed. The vibrant colors and the light holiday fragrance is something not soon forgotten. Bring your family and your camera. If you have never been to Mitchell's during poinsettia season, you must come at least once. They get gone quickly, so the earlier the better. We hope you enjoy this gallery of poinsettias on parade.  

Below you will see a sample ballot. This allows you to rank your favorites and the data is given to the breeders so that they know how to plan for the next poinsettia season. Some will be improved upon. Some will remain the same for years to come and some will be scrapped and sent back to the hybrid drawing board. Take part in the future of your favorites. Mitchell's Nursery is one of only 3 that takes part in these poinsettia trials in NC. Bring your opinion to the table.


Many times you will see poinsettias paired with other beautiful plants to make an unusual but stunning gift for the holiday. Mitchell's prides themselves in the creativity that it takes to make your gift-giving easy and painless. So many combinations to choose from. Build your own from amaryllis, succulents, cactus, vines, or cyclamen. Maybe you prefer diamond frost or just a combination of different poinsettias. You be the artist and create your own masterpiece.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the lovely gallery, simply beautiful

Brenda said...

Absolutely amazing!!
You do a superb job growing all these.
It's also hard to believe that there are over 100 varieties, but even the small differences appeal to different folks.
Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy a very Blessed Christmas!