Monday, January 6, 2020

What pairs well with geraniums?

The geranium season is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan your pairings so you can launch an effective search for the right ingredients. You may be asking, wshat pairs well with geraniums?
First, you need to decide if you want a formal look or a more natural and wild look.
For a more formal look, I suggest a glazed pot or a more ornate concrete urn. Bacopa is an excellent choice to pair with a white or red geranium for a formal appearance. An all-white container is best placed in an area where evening viewing is prominent. The evening light highlights the contrast between the blooms and foliage. The variegated foliage and the flowing texture of the spider plant add a complementary contrast to your container and a touch of elegance for an all-white mix. However, the spider plant does not fare well in full sun. If you are looking for something with a draping habit, to trail over the sides of your pot, asparagus fern or vinca major are two very solid choices.
 If your preferences lean more toward the pink geraniums, may I suggest lime greens and yellows, accented by some dramatic purple or splashes of white? Ipomoea or sweet potato vine is an excellent choice for some ebb and flow within your container. If you have a smaller container, golden creeping jenny or dichondra, are also very attractive options. Add a bright green spike for height. For a bit more drama, you can add some dark purple wave petunias. Going into the new decade, the contrast seems to be the trend.  Pairing your pink geraniums with some orange calibrachoa or cuphea or even a bright orange gerbera daisy is an excellent choice.
Red geraniums are the tried and true favorite among the masses. You really cannot go wrong. Just about anything will pair with these bright beauties. Yellows, purples, whites, and greens, all seem to accentuate their bold color. More formal plantings should focus on a monochromatic scheme, leaving the red to be the wow factor. Variegated foliage tends to really make the color pop. If you like to be a bit brighter with your containers and do not fear color, I believe you cannot go wrong pairing your red geranium with yellows and/ or purples. Nothing greets the springtime louder than this combination. Focusing your efforts on blooms, rather than foliage in these planters, will definitely be a conversation piece. Wave petunias, calibrachoa, verbena, and even some varieties of lantana, are all great team players in these mixes. Foliar choices could be variegated to lend to the bright and happy vibe.
 In today's world, salmon-colored geraniums are growing in popularity. However, pairing them for workable contrast can be a bit challenging. Surprisingly enough, these shades pair well with bright yellows, dark blue, purple, and dark pinks. Wave petunias, calibrachoa, vinca, dichondra, dusty miller, are some of the most popular choices available.
 Now that you have your information, it's time to find the perfect geranium. You are on your way to achieving the mixed container of your dreams.

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